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Grill Cloth and Crossover Upgrade Kits
Welcome to Carl's Custom Loudspeakers
Carl's Custom Loudspeakers offers classic loudspeaker services including loudspeaker repair and upgrades, primarily to the Connecticut and Western Mass. area. However, orders from other areas of the country are also welcome.

Services include: (Click links for example photos)
- Rotted woofer foam surround replacement -
Sorry I do not sell refoam kits.
- Woofer reconing for home and pro-audio
- Crossover upgrades (this one can make a BIG difference!)
- High-quality grille cloth

A change of scope:
In the past, my services included repairs and restorations of small, medium and some large speakers. As of this site update (9/2013) and, into the future, I will only be accepting repairs, restorations and upgrades of small, mini-monitor and stand-mounted speakers. Some examples are AR4x, Spica TC-50, Dynaco A-25’s, etc. The AR3a Super-Mod kit also has been discontinued. However, I will continue to sell crossover upgrade kits for AR, Advent, KLH and linen grille cloth for these brands.
For repairs and restorations of medium and large speakers I highly recommend Roy Champagne. Roy resides near Albany, NY and is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Acoustic Research speaker people in the country. He was one of the key authors of the very popular and informative “AR3a Restoration Document”, now downloaded thousands of times.  Roy has worked on most of the other classic New England speaker brands and has over 30 years of experience with loudspeakers. I’m sure you will be pleased with the quality and professionalism of his work.

The 'About' page contains more information about me as well as a partial list of speaker brands I have worked on. Official PayPal Seal
E-mail me at the address below if you have any questions.
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